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Turbo Coupe - potential donor car?

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The interior of the SVO looks to be in decent shape. That looks like a decent deal.

One thing about these cars is that the seller never mentions they are Non-Op. If you are an out of state buyer/register that is not a problem. But most cars that are three or more years out of registration and not Non-Op'ed typically have $600+ in back fees. It is a real "Guilty and no option to prove innocents" aspect of the California DMV. You MUST Non-Op the car before the registration expires other wise you pay for all and any years up to three years PLUS fines and penalties. They did this because too many people weren't paying their registration seeing if they could slip by and skip as many years as possible.

 My son acquired his grandmother's car as a second vehicle. Away at university he let the registration slip and the $125 reg. fee became $220 when four months later this became known. Sad too because he will not likely drive the car at all this year. He only paid the fees because next year when school is hopefully done he wanted that ability to sell the car and not have the back fee issue hanging over any potential sale. It is an odd situation. The car is 23 years old and has minor dings because his grandmother drove like Mr. Magoo. On the other hand the car only has 40,000 miles and that likely will give it some value.


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