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Turbo camshaft specs

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One aspect of a roller cam that might apply to the Ranger (or Mustang) cam is ramp speed.  A flat and roller cam may have identical duration, but the rate at which it rises in a roller can potentially be faster. To put it another way if measured at a quarter of the duration (half way to maximum lift) the lift has a greater potential to be higher in a roller cam (if so designed). In the Ranger (Mustang) cam that may not be the case, but the potential is there.  This may be one reason why the lift is lower yet the power potential is equal or greater than the flat cam.

The factors are there, but I have not measured the roller in degree increments to know if this is, or isn't the case.  Has anyone here ever done it?



--- Quote from: Bigtimmay on December 19, 2012, 12:12:25 PM ---The later turbo cams 85.5-89 had .400 lift the earlier ones so Id say that includes 79-85 not just 83-85 had .390 lift Id just run it as long as the followers arent wore out or anything like that and when you get to that later stage look into Boport cams some of the best cams youll ever find for 2.3turbo engines!

--- End quote ---

My cam & followers is like new. I just want to use it until I upgrade down the road. I'm planning on a roller but that's not until I decide how much power I wanna pump out. I'm trying to keep the daily driver aspect & get 25+ mpg out if it so I may not go any farther with this car.

I got my roller  (early 90's Mustang) at Pick A Part for under $20 out the door at their 50% off sale. That price included the roller rockers which I both strung on a wire and also scratch their respective number to make sure they got back on the right lobe. As best I recall the 50% off price was $12 for the Cam and $.75 each for the rockers.



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