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TC Motor Install Q ?


  I have removed the battery and battery tray, it appears while trying to install stock Turbo Couple powertrain that the turbo will still hit the inner fenderwell where the tray was and will not clear the blower motor? is this correct?
 Have you guys who have done the install had to modify the RH fenderwell and remove the blower motor? or is there a work around?
I am using Mustang II 2.3 motor mounts, they look the same?  Car is a 77 the MII mounts are from a 78

My installation was in a 1973 Pinto, so I don't know how that differs from your 1977.  That said, yes, the the inner fender needs to be as close to the upper A-arm as is reasonably possible. My engine is from a '88 Turbo Coupe and the waste gate actuator barely clears my intentionally modified inner panel.  I actually created a depression for the clearance and drilled a hole to drain in case fuel puddled (that being the area just above the motor mount).

The blower motor was easy. I used a motor and fan cage from an MG Midget (about $12 at Pick A Part).  The motor is very stubby and clears the exhaust  by about an inch.  Two things about this install.  The fan cage is smaller and the motor needs to run backwards (just reverse the wiring). Two bolt holes need to be slotted with a file to make it fit.  This is a one minute  process.  Regardless of the smaller cage and reverse direction it moves plenty of air.

I've included a picture of  the installed Midget fan and my purpose built inner panel. The battery was moved to the drivers front.


  Cool, thanks for the info and photos, it helped. I didn't realize how much difference there is between a MII engine compartment and an Pinto one.
Reworked the RH inner fender today, welder ran out of gas, but will get that done and engine bolted in soon.... then the fun part..
  Thanks for the help!

Well, remember I'm driving a '73. It was '74 and up that was designed for the 2.3 and the V-6.

Here is a picture of the minimal clearance on the wastegate actuator. And I actually designed for it, but this was the best I could get. Not a pretty picture (cleaned up it is a lot nicer), but it illustrates the point.


I clearanced my 80 even though I may wait a few years before swapping the turbo engine in it.



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