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zoop thru turbo deal

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I am going a different route with a new Pinto I picked up yesterday.
Instead of a blow thru turbo setup I currently am running I have been
hanging out with the air cooled VW guys and am going to try a draw thru setup.
Sort of like Buddys Turbo Pinto but a 2.3 based deal instead of a 2.0.
A friend is making 512 hp out of a 2280 with a draw thru so we are going to give it a shot.

The car was a 2.8/auto/8in car and will eventually be a 2.3/C4 brake/8.8 car.
It will be a 85/15 strip/street deal and will post pics later.

Just glad to be here.  ;D

Hi Chris, glad to see you here. Not a lot of true hot rodding going on, but a fairly informative site. I like the draw thru idea with the 2.3. It makes for a lot less headaches. Got tired of all the BS on TF, so I don't post there anymore. Pretty much just lurk on this site, and TF. Good luck with the project.
Curtis-----AKA Turbo Toy

Curtis,I too have grown tired of the crap on
TF and only lurk there.
Maybe we can pick up the hot rodding side
of the Pinto here.
I am on turbopinto also as well as the YB and
I have already had people say the draw thru deal wont work
but after talking with the VW guys I am going to give it a go.
Going to start with a stock location deal and maybe try a front
mount(have a scavenge pump already)but that will mount the carb
between the radiator and valve cover.
We will see.

they have been proven to work.   

draw through works fine, it does make adding a aftercooler interesting, although with all the meth injection stuff out there now, you can get by without it...


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