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zoop thru turbo deal

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I have done both the draw through and blow through setups on both a 2.0 and 2.3 ( 2.5) motors. In my opinion, the blow through works better ( on a pinto) for a few reasons. First reason is, on a pinto ( other than using a intake manifold like on the 79 turbo capri/mustang ) the carb will be sitting low ( that is lower than the intake manifold). This may cause a puddling condition in various areas. Also, as mentioned above you cant use an innercooler with a draw through ( because of the puddling condition and the fact that the gas would condense on the innercooler and fill it up). The VWs all have the carb at the highest point and everything goes down hill, which makes it work real well. However, a " real good " thing about a draw through is that your can use a Vacuum secondary carb which is ( in my opinion ) the best way to tune the secondary side. On the blow through you have to use a mechanical secondary, ( which in my opinion is a royal pain to tune). The issue here is when the secondary side opens up its about the same time boost comes up and with out the tuning ( al la vacuum ) you cant get the fuel to dial in at the correct time i.e. early or later than the secondary throttle blades open. On my 2.0 I am using a holley 650 double pumper and just installed a restrictor plate ( for the secondary side) because when all 4 throttle blades are wide open I get a condition when too much air is being forced into the combustion chamber and my motor just cant handle all that volume. Gas however is what I need ( and lots of it) So, I need about a 500 cfm double pumper ( btw, a 4 barrel carb and a 2 barrel carb is measured differently so a 500 cfm 2 barrel would not be the same as a 500 4 barrel ) but i digress. I would toss my current carb if I could find a vaccum 4 barrel that would work in a blow through deal ( and not spend thousands). So, anyway I hope you get the right combo working and please show us pictures. Let me know if I can be any help.

robert t:
Glad you guys are here.Look forward to any and all info you are willing to share on turbos.Picture s are always a plus too.

I have a CSU bt 750 onmy 306 Turbo Zephyr.
C&S aerosol carbs work well also for a bt setup.

give this guy a call his name is eric very smart guy
he did my carb
brad :)

A pic of the bt setup I am changing.


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