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Stinger Exhaust Manifold

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  Has anyone used one in a Pinto ? how do they fit compared to stock TC manifold. Are they worth the money?
All the pics I see are installed in Fox body cars.


I have one in my pinto

The only issue I had was the waste gate location

I made an adapter that rotates the gate 90 degrees and built a dump pipe to go to my exhaust pipe

It's well worth it

Good luck

Hi, here's a couple shots from the mock up on my 73 Pinto.  I am running an internal waste gate, so the flange is cut and capped. Also, the T3 plate was tilted about 5 degrees away from the head for a little more room.  I ended up going with a 2.5" V band instead of the 3" in the picture.  I drove all last winter to work (about 5,000 miles) and everything held up.

So with the stinger header, you didn't need to cut the inner fenderwell on the car?  what turbo was it that you used? thanks pat

My turbo is a cheap Ebay unit  T3/T4 .63 A/R .50 A/R Internal Waste Gate Universal Turbo.  Here is a shot of how it looks unwrapped a year later.  There is plenty of room on the fender side.   I am happy with the center mount and the way it clears the heater fan motor.  We cut the flange and tilted the turbo away from the head and added a little extra support here and there.   These manifolds are light duty, the flange holes are close to square and the welds are mostly solid.  The turbo spools very fast with the Ranger roller cam and is fun, but not great for cruising and commuting.  I went the cheap route to learn about turbos and get the basic layout established and can tell you that you do get what you pay for.  There is no comparison in quality with this manifold and a Bob Log or BoPort unit.


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