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rich problem, the smell of defeat

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both of the sets of attachments are great, the scanner comes in today, and im going to wire some jumpers in the harness to the scanner and try that out

the tfi plug was crispy from old age, i havnt found a tfi plug from the 80s that wasnt

i cant wait to check some of the sensors, i have a feeling im going to be removing the harness, i might know the grounds that are wrong, the ecu has two grounds that i have noticed, ecu body ground and sensor ground, the merkur electrical book just stated ecu body ground and the sensor ground had the symbol of the dot with three lines indecating grounded out, i now know that is wrong and it should be not hooked to chassis and sensor ground should have a uninterupted path from sensor to ecu on its "ground"

i feel like im finally getting somewhere!
Thanks oldkayaker!

so the first thing i did was remove the harness and check all its wires before running tests, and right off the bat i found where ford had multiple constant 12v wires heat smashed together has fallen apart and was rubbing the sensor ground wires which were also falling apart, so hopefully today i will be done soldering all the points and heat shrink wrapping them, and adding a obd1 plug in under my dash. then to test run the engine again and check for codes

Yeah, I disassembled the '86 Thunderbird harness that is in my car and it was a wild ride to say the least. I should have just bought a MegaSquirt harness and next time I will, but my budget was down to pocket change in a tin can at the time.

It's beaucoup bucks, but aftermarket stock 2.3T harnesses are still available if things get so bad yours has to be replaced.

Confucius say man who smell defeat should change socks.

First, my sympathies. When I did my swap my car would idle with a miss but at wide open throttle ran well. Worse yet, at about 2,500 RPM it had a noticeable miss. You could see it in the tach too. I did EVERYTHING and nothing seemed to change the problem.  I dealt with this for nearly three years.  Then on my 101st attempt (figure of speech, not actual number) to find the problem I in frustration hooked the 12V + directly to the coil and the problem pretty much went away.

 Rather than trace the problem through the harness (and anyway the harness HAD the correct voltage at the coil) I just put a relay between the battery and the coil, activated by the ignition switch. 3+ years and I'm still doing well.  BTW, I used the ill advised 88 T/C harness, sorted wires for what seemed like a week and still had about 15-20 "not sure of" wires.  My effort to use everything Turbo Coupe (relay box, alternator, etc.) did NOT workout to the advantage I thought it would.

So, yes there is obvious discouragement, but don't let it be defeat.

Update on my issue,....... FIXED!

I was ohm ing everything like a mad man and found that most of the time the sensor return for the tps and vane and baro kept hitting 5.8 volts even though nothing was wrong with the tps or vane or baro, i fixed all the old nasty wires ford messed up with their smash style what ever you call it conections, they are all soldered, but theat didnt fix the froblem, and thats when i used the pages for ohming every thing that oldkayaker posted. i finally found the issue was that negative signal return ohm was 4.7,... its suposed to be .1 So i kept checking the harness till i got to the ecu, checked ecu pin for neg signal return against negative battery pin on ecu and still had 4.7 ohms

Next step was take ecu apart and look at it for anything noticable that would cause issues, took me 10 minutes tracing lines when i saw a bubble in the gelcoat of the board, poked and prodded it and found that signal return was broken on the board. Not burnt in any way, allittle amazed, so my next step was to solder a wire from one point to another and see if that fixes the proble, note to anybody attempting this, use alot of resin, its old and hard to get to act like solder, but i got a 3/4 long wire soldered to it and put it in the car and tested it to see if i still had problems

 i would post pics but this site doesnt alow my pic types


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