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Ranger Cam for a 87 Turbo Coupe Engine for my '74 Pangra

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Hey guys, I am assembling my 2.3 turbo and wanted to install the Ranger roller cam into it. I am set on the Ranger cam as I like stock parts on my cars. I expect my engines to run without issue for at least a quarter million miles. I have better things to do than mess with stupidity on my cars.

The plan:
1. A stock turbo set up with the only difference being the cam. The whole motor has been balanced to zero grams. I don't know if this matters but the inter cooler will be moved to the front of the car in the massive cavity behind the Pangra's front bumper, in front of the massive AC condenser.
2. The AC system going on this car is much more important than the turbo as I don't care at all about speed and power but care massively about my comfort. 4 of my Pinto's have modern car competitive AC which makes my wife a very happy person. The only reason for the turbo setup is that it is a genuine Pangra with the only 2.3 ever installed in one.
3. The other thing that will alter the performance is the removal of the serpentine belt in favor of the v-belts to give an authentic Ak Miller appearance.
4. The EFI should completely remain the same.

So the issue is, what year ranger is the most desirable? Is there a kit that can be purchased? Are these all scrapyard parts? Your help is infinitely appreciated.

I put the Ranger Roller in my '88 Turbo engine. From what I understand the end result of the cams are all the same lift/duration wise. However there is a change (sorry, don't know they exact year) and you have to match the cam/rockers etc. to your head.  I think it is about pre 93-94 you would be looking for. Because they are roller the wear issue is minimal.

 In my case I sourced the parts from a self wrecking yard (Pick Your Part) in So. Cal.. They have monthly 50% off sales and I got the cam and the roller rockers "out the door" for right about $25. If your profile is correct you are in the lower bay area and have Pick N Pull's in your area.  They list cams in the $29-$34 range ( their parts list is somewhat confusing).  Rocker arms are $5 ea. X8 = $40. So, I'd think it is about $75 OTD unless they have sales days.  For comparison Pick Your Part Charges $25 for the cam with a $2 core and rocker arms are $2 each. So, their regular price is $43 and as I stated about $23 on their 50% off days.

 I haven't looked in a while, but I recall seeing pulled Ranger Roller cams/rockers going for about $100 on Ebay.  My recollection was that getting the cam to slide out over radiator area (mine came out of a Mustang) was difficult. So, a pulled cam setup has its appeal.

Hope this helps and maybe someone can give better advice about the year cut-off for the proper cam/rockers.  Otherwise it is a pretty simple swap.

89-96 rangers but id just stick with the earlier ones cause later have the wrong roller followers I got mine out of a 90 ranger also mustang 91-93 have them too. Basically your just looking for a dual plug (8 spark plug) 2.3.

Here what an 89 Ranger looks like.  I lifted the head to get the cam over the radiator frame at Pick-n-Pull. Runs fine.

Wow awesome guys! I will go pluck one from the scrap yard. This information was very helpful.


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