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Well, I figured I may as well start my own project thread.
I do this with the Idea that it may be of some help to someone who is considering traveling down a similar path, here we go. here she is as I brought her home.   has a 2.3 with a C4.     plans are, a built 2.3 Turbo and built C4.  am going to do a explorer 8.8 rear axle swap and aerostar aluminum drive shaft.

Since bringing her home I have pulled the engine and trans. pulled everything out of the interior.  now I am going through it to remove everything that isn't needed (weight reduction).  I have gutted the bumpers,  removed all sound deadening and every nut and bolt that isn't needed. the interior will go back in when everything else is done, subframe connectors etc.  will update as things happen or questions arise.

I was looking at the heavy steel bumper mount/shocks on the front and rear. I want to fab up some aluminum brackets to replace these heavy steel units. it doesn't  look to be to difficult.  doing this would accomplish two things, lighter weight, and to move the bumper in closer to the body.  has anybody else fabed there own mounts ?  have any pics ?

Well, I fabed up front bumper mounts today, the old shock bumper mounts weight was 14 lbs.  the new mounts weigh 2.4 lbs that's a difference of 11.60 lbs   .    they also move the front bumper in to the body about 2+" .    I also drilled and collapsed the rear bumper mounts 2.5" .  I may at some point fab up some light aluminum mounts for the rear but not today. anyway, the pinto is now 4.5" shorter and almost 12 lbs lighter, that's not counting all the other weight reduction that has been accomplished.

I want to do a 5 lug conversion on the front of the car so it will match the 5 lug rear that will be going in.  I've seen different kits on E Bay and Speedway motors ranging from a simple 5lug rotor replacement to a full blown replace everything kit. The price ranges all the way from $60.00 or so for a 5lug rotor to $700.00 for some full blown kits. exactly what do I need ?  If I can just swap out rotors that would be great...    whats the deal ?

Speedway makes a replacement rotor thats the same as stock but 5 lug thats the easiest. But if you want better brakes you can upgrade them from 9 inch discs to 11 inch disc buy using a Granada rotor, speedway adapter bracket/GM metric caliper which are larger and work better.
But thats all up to you and wether or not you think the stock size brakes are up to snuff for your project. On mine personally I want the largest brakes i can get front and rear Ive even thought about doing the cobra brake swap.


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