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I think I would be better off with the larger brakes.   So,  are these the only parts I need to get ?  do I just buy the rotor or the hub and rotor ?

you can upgrade them from 9 inch discs to 11 inch disc buy using a Granada rotor, speedway adapter bracket/GM metric caliper which are larger and work better

Thats everything needed to do the swap to the 11 inch granada rotors.

Awesome,  the rotors on the explorer rear are 11 - 1/4.  pretty good match. I'll be ordering that kit soon.  Thanks.   

well I pretty much have everything stripped out that's going to be.  old shocks are gone  will be replaced by performance shocks. I haven't decided yet weather I am going to cut out the trunk floor and refab it. that will depend on the rear shocks used and I will be repositioning the rear shock mounting points.  Also the battery and a fuel cell are going into the trunk.  and that's pretty much where I'm at as of now...

I know there are a lot of you guys that have cut out the trunk floor to install a fuel cell.  Anybody have any pics of there install ?  Tips,  helpful hints , etc.


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