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New turbo project started

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I'm not your normal guy, I just don't/can't leave stuff alone, a while back I built a nice little 2.0L for my 72, it turned out great, runs good and looks killer...

but good enough, sometimes isn't enough...  here's a picture of my future intake, I already bent the alum for the plenum, the tubing (1.75 od 1.5 id) and will be 4 velocity stacks tomorrow, the flange was cut off a stock intake and machined flat, and the alum plate 3/8"x 4" wide, will end up being the bottom of the plenum

the next picture, is a box of schedule 10 304 stainless steel tubing, elbows, all 1.55" ID and 4"x3/8" for the head flange, I already made the merge collector, I bought a T25 flange and gasket off ebay,

It'll all be controlled by Electromotive Tec GT setup just like my 71 turbo car...  I have a nice used set of 5.5" Crower billet rods and Vonolia pistons I'm going to use if I can find a block that will bore 0.020 over...
The pressure will be handled by a EFR 6258 turbo, (I think, I haven't purchased it yet) this will be a true street car, with small runners, small turbo, a A4LD tranny (Overdrive) and 3.73 gears.....

One thing for sure. When Walt puts his mind to it hang on!!! Looking forward to following this build for sure.

man that engine bay is CLEAN!!!
go luck with the build!!

Very impressive clean job!! :P

Very nice job on the engine compartment! Outasite as they used to say...or was it groovy?


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