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New turbo project started

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Made some progress,
Tomorrow I'll angle cut the velocity stacks to 20 degrees to match the head, and make them all equal in length, more to come.


 Getting closer, next I'll cut down the plate and the get the plenum welded on...

Almost finished

On the car, now the fun begins, wiring.....

Well it's up and running with the EFI setup, I still have to add another vacuum port in the intake for the valve cover breather and make a better Cold air intake setup.
Next will be installing the A4LD, custom convertor and 8.8 rear, have yet desider if I am going to run the 3.73's that are in the 8.8 or install the 4.56's I have. the 4.56's would wake up the bottom end and still run down the highway at the same rpm as it does right now with the C-4

Now that's is a thing of beauty, for sure.. I think I see room, for a nice turbo with a custom header in there as well. 8)

One thing for sure... You shouldn't or you might get a ticket from the shiny police 8) Does look good!!


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