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A 1972 turbo swap adventure

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--- Quote from: Wittsend on December 19, 2022, 04:49:35 PM ---I think that is the first time I've seen the turbo exhaust fit (much less at a generous 3") with the factory fan motor! That is quite a feat. I used the MG motor/fan that gets run backwards with the factory set up. Marginal but something is better than nothing. I believe there was a modern Dodge fan someone else said worked too.

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I should point out before anyone gets their hopes up that the fan motor pictured is in fact a shorter VDO PM3652 unit. I had it on the shelf and was forced to use it when I installed the current Frankenstein turbo; a Borg-Warner S2B with a Chinese Garrett/Ford T3 housing machined to fit on it. The turbine outlet bolt pattern was rotated about 10 from the stock location and moved the wastegate elbow rearward at least 3/8 of an inch I didn't really have.

The downpipe layout I have now would probably hit a stock fan motor. It would be much easier to notch for clearance though.

I got the exhaust essentially done this evening. It was done a week ago, but the v-band flanges warped from welding and were leaking. They are the lipped stainless flanges, so sanding them flat would be a lot of work and not guarantee anything. Instead I made some small gaskets out of desoldering wick (woven copper ribbon) and coated them with high-temp RTV. Seems to have done the job.
I had to use the actuator from a Chinese ebay turbo that the wastegate assembly came from because the flapper post is bigger than the stock one. I could tell it has a stiffer spring and after setting it up with stock preload, it makes 15psi on the gate alone. That's alright, but I'd prefer having the 10psi option and will have to make a new end that fits the old actuator threads and the new flapper.


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