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A 1972 turbo swap adventure

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Well, I kept the back seat and routed the 0awg starter cable under the car instead. The charge cable and solenoid wiring goes through the driver's side door sill where I originally put the fuel pump wiring. I left the original solenoid on the fender simply because it was easier to tie into the stud on it than move the old charge wire/fusible link across the engine bay. Who knows, it might be useful as an emergency spare some day. I'll be doing more work on the car this weekend and will get some photos then.

The car has a tediously-tied tarp over the back due to a hatch leak and that prevented me from getting good pics of the battery box install. As soon as that was done and the car driveable, I tore it apart again to start tackling exhaust.  ::) 3" exhaust.
I managed to get about 1/2" of clearance between the vent motor and bellhousing. Might put a short section of wrap on it by the bellhousing. I finally have an O2 sensor bung that fits under the car away from turbine heat. For some reason I included a second one near the stock location anyway.  ???

I think that is the first time I've seen the turbo exhaust fit (much less at a generous 3") with the factory fan motor! That is quite a feat. I used the MG motor/fan that gets run backwards with the factory set up. Marginal but something is better than nothing. I believe there was a modern Dodge fan someone else said worked too.

Nice fabrication to get a 3" exhaust tube to fit.  Below is a link to the thread showing a Dodge Caravan fan motor being used for increased clearance.  There is always the option of using a A/C heater box which relocates the fan motor to inside the car.Turbo swap 1980 Runabout (

I've been seeing a lot of drag racing cars using a battery that is super small.  Mike Finnegan used one on the side of his radiator support on Blasphemi.  Which did fall off I believe lol.  But I see most are mounting them under the dash next to all their EFI units.  They look like the size of a 4 pack of butter.  I was thinking of trying one in the fender in front of the passenger side front wheel.


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