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A 1972 turbo swap adventure

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Turns out the Optima 151R battery was done for. By this time last year little 151R batteries were averaging $150 and availability was questionable. It had to be moved anyway, so I opted to use a bigger spare battery and move it all to the hatch. Now the hard part and running theme is figuring out where to fit it. The gas tank has to come out in order to put it on the driver's side. It can't go on the other side if I want a spare tire(and do).
The steering wheel I was going to put in it didn't have enough dish, so at least I got this one installed.

I was able to install a 24 size battery in the right rear of my previous 71 runabout.  It was a lot of work and very inconvenient.  After doing a lot measuring, I cut and welded some of the interior sheet metal creating a recessed box/tray area for the battery behind the right rear wheel well and behind interior stock paneling.  It was very tight fit (no room for a battery box) so rubber padding was used to protect the battery plastic case.  I seem to remember even modifying the side light socket to create more room.  When done, the only visible evidence of the battery was by looking up inside the right wheel well where part of the metal box/tray could be seen.  In order to get to battery for maintenance, the interior panel needed to be removed along with the hatch spring assist arm which takes a while.  J.C. Penny had just come out with a maintenance free battery with a long warranty which was used.

Unfortunately this was a long time ago and I have no photos.  I used the car for towing and had reinforced the rear floor area with bolted in angle iron.  The car was rear ended, crumpling up the exterior sheet metal above the rear wheel wells.  I believe the angle iron reinforcements saved the gas tank and battery.  The insurance company totaled car.

I hated to put my battery in the drivers side/front of the engine compartment, but I didn't want it encumbering the ability to put large items in the back of the wagon. Obviously the battery can't go where it originally was intended what with the turbo now being there. Just to balance out the drivers weight the passenger front would have been better but I have the T/C relay box and the VAM hose (VAM/air cleaner is inside front fender) running through there. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

What kills me is that the 151R is a small battery that's factory for bunch of modern-ish cars, but it's twice the price of a 24F and twice as hard to find.  ???
Since there's nowhere to fit an oval 20" muffler, I got a minimalist Flowmaster FlowFX 71419 round one to tuck somewhere in the tunnel. Then I can run just pipe over the axle and out the back.
The fuel lines were also leaking when I primed the pump recently. Tightening the clamps fixed that, but they need to be done properly for obvious reasons and I picked up some more -6AN fittings and hose to facilitate that. Plan is to remove the original 1/4" vapor line, use the original 5/16 feed line as a return, and run a new 3/8 hard line for supply. It should also clean up some plumbing around the tank and add a better high-pressure filter downstream of the pump. Fun fact: late model Pontiac GTOs use a filter much like the mid-'80s Fords with Bundy fittings on both ends, but the fittings are 3/8" instead of 5/16. Problem is they're hard to find now.


--- Quote from: oldkayaker on September 28, 2022, 06:27:07 AM ---I was able to install a 24 size battery in the right rear of my previous 71 runabout.  It was a lot of work and very inconvenient.

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I have started to seriously consider removing the rear seat and putting the battery box in the passenger side seat well.


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