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Not much to post about the Pinto right now other than it's all torn apart and nothing is going smoothly. I forgot how tight everything fits in the car because all the engine wrenching I did was with it on a stand and then I stuck the engine & trans in together.
The 3G alternator and A/C mount had to come out before the turbo+manifold could, then it couldn't go back because now there's a bigger turbo there. Fortunately I have a 2.3 Pinto low-mount set. Unfortunately the 3G won't fit in the lower bracket unless I swing the alternator out pretty far....which can't be done because there's a battery in the way. The Pinto brackets also change pulley alignment and only allow for one belt with my setup and that's not enough for a 130A 3G. What I've had to do is take three regular 1G alternators I had shelved to make one good one and then convert back to an external voltage regulator for the time being.   My hope is to have it back together and running this weekend even if I don't get an intercooler installed.

I converted back to an external regulator, moved the alternator, cut/lengthened/modified the charge air tube to fit until an intercooler is fitted, and fortunately didn't have to run to the parts store; somehow I had three new 43" alternator belts for a 2.3 Pinto. There's about 0.020" of space between the Vreg and battery and maybe 1/4" between the alternator and battery hold-down.

Now the exhaust elbow hits the the heater motor thanks to the Chinese turbine housing.

Other than pulling the heater box and changing the motor for a shorter one that I already have, it's nearly ready to run.

I'm guessing that when you go to an intercooler (Assumed FMIC) you will have to move the battery to the trunk anyway. These 2.3's in a 71-73 seem to have feeler gage clearance in all four directions.

I hoped to avoid moving the battery (again) and can get an FMIC in without doing that, but it would sure free up a heap of valuable real estate. There is so much going on in that front corner of the car. Battery, Vreg & harness, distributor, alternator, throttle body, blow off valve, and soon intercooler plumbing.
Spent most of the day pulling the heater box and changing the core and fan motor. Once that was done and I had some turbo clearance, I went to bolt the downpipe back on only to find that it now hits the frame because the Chinese turbine housing doesn't have the wastegatbow bolt pattern in the same place as a real Garrett part.  >:( I had to cut and weld the downpipe on an angle up by the turbo and in the process the MIG welder gas regulator got stuck or ruptured or something and wasn't working right.  >:( I limped it along and got things glued together anyway. Now the downpipe fits around the frame, but no longer reaches the rest of the exhaust. At that point I'd had enough and called it a day.

Yea, being cheap like I am I used the factory '88 T/C exhaust..., yes..., even the convertor. Well..., once I got to needing a muffler (under the rear seat) everything changed beyond that. The down pipe dips a bit too low so I go over speed bumps with care. I had to slightly indent the frame rail and the outside of the down pipe. It was a little of this, a little of that but I had sufficient clearance without anything looking like it had been "beat on." I also remember (it has been about 12 years now) my son and I taking the lengthy exhaust system, straddling it in the press to bending the pipe in some fashion.

Thanks for posting your progress. You are one of the few turbo guys that posts anything these days (where are all those 'going turbo' guys from years ago???). That and the fact your car is from Simi Valley (the next city over), I had considered purchasing it - and for all these years seeing it was in good hands has made it an interesting "follow."


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