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My 1972 turbo swap thread

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open that exhaust up, 3" mandrill bent down pipe and exhaust...!  you really will be glad you did.

Says you with an ARCA head, Holset turbo, and 900hp fuel system.  ;)

I wanted to go 3.00" out the back (do it right the first time is my mantra) and probably will in the future, but I have the parts now and am looking more at being able to drive the car soon. It's probably going to be 2.5" from the turbo down to a glasspack with a turndown facing down and to the side (ugly and loud, but at least I'll hear the turbine!  ;D). Something could change, though. This morning I thought I'd have to fabricate a whole upper intake. An hour ago I bought the throttle body and elbow setup from a 4.6 Mustang to use instead. :o It's kind of like a smaller, lower profile version of the Edelbrock elbow you were working with.

that's an SVO Head.  ;D

Tomayto, tomahto.  ;)

Anyway, this is the thing I bought:

in order to make a setup reminiscent of this one:

I wish I could find more information on that car.

What kind of info do you need on " that car " ?


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