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Merkur harness works with which engines?

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I picked up an unmolested Merkur harness for 100 bucks. I was planning to run an aftermarket harness but was told this is pretty much the same thing for a lot less money.

Which computer do I need to run & will it work with the inline manifold, the '87 Tbird style or any I choose? Will it work with the large VAM? How radical of a setup will this harness support?
I was thinking of an inline intake with a log plenum, big VAM, larger throttle body, turbo & injectors & a good size intercooler. I'm looking for 300-325 HP max out of it & I'm not planning to step up to a Megasquirt or stand alone system right off the bat.   

Itll support the large vam and any turbo ecu like if you use the LA3 87-88 5 speed ecu you will need to repin the ecu connector cause a couple wires are moved around and a couple wires need added.
I had to repin my merkur harness cause I used a 88 turbo motor and ecu it was pretty simple.
As for How radical will it go thats pretty much up to you cause you can toss a Quarter horse on a stock ecu and tune that way to make the power or yah can just go plug and play squirt and make it a full out race car. Its all pretty much how far yah wanna push it.

Do you need to re-pin for the '86 SVO 5-speed ECU? I may be able to lay my hands on one with the large VAM. I also need to get a list of needed sensors so I can start rounding those up. I need to see if I can find a manual for the SVO or T-bird that shows every detail. Trying to do this from scratch is gonna be interesting. At least I have a 20K mile turbo longblock to start with.

Mike Modified:
This should answer your repin questions:


--- Quote from: Mike Modified on December 05, 2012, 03:04:27 PM ---This should answer your repin questions:

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Cool, looks like I'm good according to that chart. I imagine once I start picking up the missing piecrs most of this should fall into place & make more sense.


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