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Mallory HEI Distributor

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PJO Pinto:

Hey guys! Looking into the future of my ignition options. I am currently assembling parts for a turbo 2.0 (after a bit more research and decisions I will post my build here).

Currently I have the standard bosch distributor with the petronix ignition in it. I will probably run this initially, but have been interested in this Mallory unit.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Autozone says it is an HEI distributor, which I know some ecu's can even control the timing on. Looking for my best option to have proper timing. Thanks in advance.

Are you using a standalone or swapping a stock ECU system.....If your just adding a turbo to a blow-thru carb system the petronix should work fine....

PJO Pinto:
Thanks for the reply! I am going to be running a standalone ECU.

For now I have dropped the distributor completely from the plans. Going to run a DIS (distributorles s ignition system) by attaching a 60-2 crank trigger wheel to my crank pulley. Now just trying to figure out how to turn my old distributor into a cam position sensor.

Try to use the DIS pulley and sensor from a 8 plug Ford Ranger, after all it's a 2.3 and a Ford part if I remember right the sensor was near the crank pulley with the brackets.....T hen the only thing the distributor gear(timing belt gear) runs is the oil pump.Esslinger has some parts for the swap.

im using a modified dizzy on a 2.3 with crank trigger. using the dizzy as a cam sync it had 4 vanes on it.... cut 3 vanes off leaving one as the cylinder id sensor..


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