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intercoolers versus brackets?


I'm hitting an impasse because I think I'm being bit in the butt by what I think there being two types of factory 2.3 intercoolers and two  type of brackets. My best guess (and the Ford parts manual isn't being too helpful) is that there was a change in '87. I guessing that that I have earlier brackets (I can't find a number on the stampings) and a later intercooler (part# E7SE-6K775-80). Anyway, none of the holes line up. Can anybody help me out here?

From poor recollection, the SVO Mustang 86 and earlier had a smaller intercooler than the ThunderCoupe 87-88 and the brackets are different.  My 87TC has a bracket on the front of the intercooler and a lower bracket supporting the turbo.  From these forums, some people seem to get away with not using either bracket and just let the hoses support the intercooler (not my preferred method).  My 87TC intercooler has part# E7SE-6K775-AC, similar to yours.  Presently in ebay there are images of both intercoolers and the early brackets, in auto parts section do individual searches on: "SVO intercooler" and "TurboCoupe intercooler".

I'm back at this project after a year of being sidetracked. I just have to ask if those later ThunderCoupes even had a rear bracket? And if they do, would somebody be as kind as to post a picture? Thanks!

no rear bracket.... just one in the front that bolted to the exhaust manifold and then it rested on the top of the turbo via a reinforced hose........ the extra weight is why they put a brace on the turbo to the block under the turbo...

All of the 2.3Ts had a turbo brace underneath, intercooler or not. It goes a long way toward preventing manifold cracks.

The intercooler that came on SVOs was physically different than the one on '87-88 Turbo Coupes. The SVO IC was taller and narrower, has brackets on both ends, and can actually be completely disassembled. The TC IC is completely welded. It's also wider, taller, and thinner, I suspect to gain some hood clearance. My TC IC has threaded bracket bosses on the front and rear, but I think they only came with a front support. They also flow all of about 25cfm more than the SVO IC, so not that significant. Either one is adequate up to about 220hp, but an FMIC is better even for stock engines.


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