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harness making


im almost done making my new harness, but, when reading the wiring scems, where is the coil signal wire? i thaught the la3 controls timing when you hit the premium fuel switch, so if it does, then there would need to be a coil signal from the ecu, i was thinking the tach wire coming from the ecu, but that doesnt seem right?

The coil is fired by the PIP in the dizzy sending a signal to the coil. The Ecu controls the timing through the wiring to the TFI module and the spout make sure has a pillconnector/connector so it can be un-hooked to set timing.

When the spout is unhooked it has locked timing so im gunna go ahead and say that's your wire your talking about.

that makes so much sense, thank you, i will be sure to put a small conector on that wire, i was also wondering how to set timing on something like that, but you answered my question on that also


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