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Scott Hamilton:
Talk Turbo if you dare,  :)

i've had a few in the cars i've owned over the years. and those 'years' were MANY years ago!
* '71 Pinto
* '73 Caprii V6
* '73 Fiat 124
* '80 Toyota Pick Up
* '80 Ford Fairmont 

Hmmm... I know absolutely nothing about turbochargers except that there are two of them on my 2012 Lincoln MKT (Ecoboost) and that sucker will get up and GO!!!
Dwayne :)

I have had 5 Turbobirds, currently have a 306T Zephyr,and the 79 Turbo Pinto wagon.
There are 2 complete 2.3Ts in the corner of the shop for "projects".
I am eat up with turbo stuff(turbos,BOVs,WGs,hot and cold side piping.

I will say the turbo cars are more fun than the N2O cars( 88 306 Fox Hatch and a 82 Granada Wagon).

And if you think the MKT runs good,wait until the ST Focus is released.
The SHO will go 12s with a tune ,stickies and nothing else.


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