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I just purchased my first Turbo wagon 79 model, 85 TB with the good ole 5 speed behind it.

The first time that I put it in gear and turned up that beautiful mountain side in Arizona and felt the little 10# boost come alive... I new I was hooked. :o

No more V8's for me. ???

Super Turbo is on its way to Texas real soon.  :-X

This will give me a good driver and one that will pull your pants leg off if you get to close to the wheel well ; :o


--- Quote from: Scott Hamilton on September 24, 2012, 10:06:43 PM ---Talk Turbo if you dare,  :)

--- End quote ---

Your the Man Scott!!!

After many months(years) of buying parts the swap for my 1976 Pinto wagon has started. I 'm finally wrapping up the parts list and ready to go. The doner car's where a 1985 Merkur XR4Ti and a 1977 Ford Pinto wagon (8 " rear end) and alot of Rockauto , EBay,local wrecking yards, Autozone etc...

This should come in really handy down the road. I still plan to tub my '73 but I'm probably going with a 2.3 turbo/T-5 instead of the 302/T-5 I wanted to run.

5.0 I was impressed with mine and it's just bone stock.  Also from what I read, they are pretty much bullet proof up to about 7 grand RPM's


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