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going from a 2.0 4 spd to a T 2.3/T5 List of parts?


Sir Thomas Crapper:
Is there a list of what is needed to do the swap?  Will the pinto 2.3 motor mounts work for this?  I picked up a 2.3 oil pan and pump, is this necessary to change over?

I remember reading that a stock fox body mustang driveshaft is the right length, but you need to install a new rear u joint.   

Are there any links to builds?

There is not a parts list per say, but I did a write up on my conversion.  You should be able to glean most from it:

Bill, who goes by "JoeBob" did one also. And there are currently a number of people in progress who are reporting on theirs. "65ShelbyClone" being one of them.

I assume with the 2.0 you have an early, thin bumper car? My article should help as it is based on a '73 conversion. If you have a '74 2.0 then there are some modification that you don't have to do since the 2.3 was an engine choice in '74 and up.


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