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Ghettocharging a 2.0 for 24 hours of lemons racer.


Sir Thomas Crapper:
Hello again,

My partner in crime got the 2.0 running the other day, and we started thinking about adding a turbo to this, along w/ PVC, ferncos, injecting with windshield washer fluid, e85?, etc. for our Lemons car.

In lemons, ghettocharging can lead to spectacular success, and also spectacular failure.  I'm hoping for the success part of this equation.  Oh yeah, I've got a budget of maybe 100.00 to do the whole thing.  it has a 2 bbl carb and electric fuel pump.  I've got an IHI out of a turbo coupe, and a chinese T3/T4 to work with.  i'm looking at maybe 5 lbs boost max.

we've got about 6 work weekends to get her done.  impossible? 

What say you, turbo men?

Back in Blue:
All I can I can say is, I love this post!  Best of luck, Go get a Win for the Pintos


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