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Fuel surge tank needed with EFI?

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While not turbo-specific, I figure most of you all that have 2.3Ts probably have EFI too.

Has anyone had to use a surge tank in the fuel system? Pre-'79 Mustangs usually need or benefit from them because the tanks didn't have a sump to speak of. The EFI conversions tend to pick up air from fuel slosh and it can cause stumbling, a lean condition, or eventually pump failure when the tank gets low. The solution is to use a special fuel tank, special pickup, or put a surge tank in the fuel system so the high pressure pump is always submerged.

Are Pintos the same way?

Some have and some have not. Those that have not , do not allow the tank to get below 1/4 of gas. For the reasons you listed . There are a few ways to fix this problem. #1 go buy a weld in sump tank for you current gas tank. #2 Try to find a accumulator that you can place between a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump. Why two pumps? Some high pressure pumps do not draw fuel from the tank very well. The Merkur XR4ti has two pumps one in tank (low pressure) and one external (high pressure).  (Check out B.C. or call 760-389-2309 for more info on their  product) They have been doing this conversion on non EFI Ford Bronco's and trucks for years now.  #3 Order a universal high output in tank fuel pump from Aeromotive called the Phantom, it's spendy (450.00 to 500.00) but it is an in tank high pressure fuel pump with an in tank sump. And it will fit most tanks (6 Inches of clearance ).Right now I'm going to use the B.C. Broncos accumulator( it's just a diesel fuel filter housing with the correct inlet and out let fittings) but later I will get the Phantom. Most non EFI cars will have this problem. Those that do not are few and far between .I hope this helps.

B.C. Bronco's moved the new number is 830-367-1300. The web address still works.

Thanks for the info.  :)

I'm (eventually) putting a MegaSquirt in my '68 Mustang and it occurred to me that the Pinto might have the same nuances in the fuel system.

--- Quote from: D.R.Ball on May 03, 2014, 10:23:04 AM ---Some high pressure pumps do not draw fuel from the tank very well. The Merkur XR4ti has two pumps one in tank (low pressure) and one external (high pressure).

--- End quote ---

I'm guessing Ford did that due to limitations in fuel pump hardware at the time. Mustang SVOs had the same dual-pump setup. When originality is not a concern, it's common practice to put a modern EFI pump in the tank and replace the external one with a Ranger fuel filter.

If that's what your doing you can just buy a new EFI tank for your Mustang, unlike the Pinto.


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