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Fuel pump set up for turbo swap


Okay as the subject line states, I'm trying to figure out how to set up the fuel system for a stock(for now)  XR4ti Turbo swap. I have a Walbro 255 External fuel pump in the stock(XR4ti) pump/filter system and want to know if that's all I need. I know some other people are using a in tank(non Pinto) system but would the single external pump as close to the gas tank work ? I do not have allot of cash to get a differnet set up. I plan on using the stock fuel lines with fuel injection fittings(clamps etc).

D.R.Ball, I cannot speak for the rest of he turbo guys here But I used the Fuel Pump, Lines and Filter from my doner car. (84 Turbocoupe) I can't remeber what I did at the gas tank.(Dam I'm getting old) I just ran the plastic lines down the drivers side of the car.

I have a bosch 044 which is a little better then the 255 walbro but as long as you get the pump lower or at least close to the bottom of the tank you shouldnt have too much of a problem just watch out on hard launches cause if its low on fuel it could starve the pump for a second or too. But to drive it itll be fine till yah can install a sump or surge/swirl tank setup.
Also make sure if your planing on using the vent line that runs to the front of the car like a return line to pull it off the tank and drill the tank fitting out cause the hole isnt as big as the line and could cause serious fuel pressure issues.

As long as your not pushing huge power the 255 will work fine as long as you keep as low and as close to the tank as poss.


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