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Hi guys, im making some progress on my turbo swap today. I plan on getting the the engine harness(86 SVO harness) hooked up. But I cant make up my mind on a good spot to mount the computer? Where do you guys put it?

I built a rack and mounted it, and the eec, on the trans. hump, up under the dash. Not the best pic, but it's in there.

I put mine in the same spot as the Turbo Coupe, in the kick panel area of the passenger side. It is relatively accessible (if need be) and the harness is pretty much "length-ed" for that location. Images include the LA-3 ECU location and the firewall breakthrough points using the T/C grommets.

  I never got around to completing the cover..., but I bent (with heat) two 90 degree bends in the stock cover to get around the computer. With the (now) shorten end I was going to cut a second panel and lengthen it with an overlap section and a few small pop rivets.

if you have the factory just heat hvac system, there is a huge empty spot right under the cowl where the air comes in for the hvac system( in dash),
the only problem you will have is the two feet of harness to tip tie out of the way

Cool Thanks guys. That gave me some good ideas. As I have a factory 86 svo harness, its just engine without much extra. I think im going to enlarge the upper heater hose hole in the firewall and slip it in pas the heater and mount it to the tunnel.


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