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clutch issues


having trouble with my clutch set u. I have a 1980 rallye pinto im doing an engine swap. im using engine and trans from an 1987 mustang . problem is the pinto clutch cable is to small for the fork on the trans im using and the cable from the mustang wont fit the peddle from the pinto . can anyone tell me if theres a cable I can use for this application. engine is a 302 with a five speed trans

Adapter of some kind perhaps? I don't really know.

This forum is geared toward turbo four swaps with different bellhousings and forks. You would get better answers in the more general forums or from using the search.

I'm just throwing this out in case it helps. As 65SC stated most of the swaps are with the Turbo motor and the 4 cylinder T-5.  In the case of the 2.3 motor there was the 87-88 hydraulic that isn't readily adaptable though some have gone that route with aftermarket stuff.  There is a direct pull bell-housing which I think originated on the Murkur. The early Turbo Coupes used a bell crank bell-housing with a short, intermediate cable. That is what I have and the stock Pinto cable worked.

If nothing else maybe this helps to eliminate what the Pinto itself has to offer. How difficult would it be to open the fork hole, or grind down the Pinto connection?


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