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centrifugal supercharger instead of turbo?

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Hi gang.  i haven't been in here in a while.  started thinking about getting a bit more out of the 2.8.  and started thinking about a few pounds of boost.  then started to really conceive the idea about a small centrifugal supercharger.  could be less hassles than a turbo set up. has anyone seen any done to such a small engine? what would be any recommendation s?

thanks for any insights.

It all depends how much power your looking for ,  long time ago I tried a centrifugal super charger on a 2.3 , took up alot of room , it was made by paxton , blow through type , made some power but found later turbos worked much better , I have a 2.8 in my pinto and know there is no room unless you do not have A/C or power steering , then you may have enough room to do just that , and you can put TBI unjection for a blow through system , unless you already have one Its not worth buying one , few ones that could be used is one off of a 3.8 supercoup T Bird , only you will have to change the pistons for stronger ones , pluss you will have to take everything apart to adjust the valves every 15K , when I redone mine I wish I would have used the 2.9 out of a ranger , hyd lifters and is a easy bolt in , same mounts and transmission bolt up , at least you could use two very small turbos to fit , like the 3.5 ecoboost , battery will have to be placed somewhere else , just a few ideas for you to ponder on ,

I agree with Pinto_One. There is not an off the shelf intake manifold to attach the supercharger to the 2.8 engine. So, even if you were skilled enough and had the tools enough to fabricate one, it would be FAR more work than adding a turbo.

In the long run a 2.3 Turbo swap is a better choice. But, frankly even there the Turbo Coupe that so many of us derived our setup from are almost non-existent today. The newest Turbo coupe ('88) is 32 years old! And, while it seems an easy swap on a scale of 1-10 it is still in the 6-7 category.  The Ranger 2.9 sounds interesting. You might look over at TRS (The Ranger Station) about that. Fuel Injection and a 5 Speed would certainly modernize any 2.8 Pinto.

Thanks for the info guys.  I am a member at the ranger station, (currently finishing a show truck  302 - 83 ranger)

before i would put a 2.9 into a pinto I would put a 4.l in there. way stronger engine.  wasn't really what i was looking for. computer, EFI pressurized tank and the wiring hassles.

have a 5 speed that has a 2.8 bell housing that was pulled from the 83 truck, also have 2  2.8's sitting on the garage floor waiting for something... will remember for what 1 day.... lol. (supercharger build) 

wasn't looking for block splitting power out of the 2.8,  just looking for a bit more ooomph,  it is snappy as hell already, but just looking for a bit more... wasn't sure if the flat top pistons would need to be changed with something different to lower down the compression a bit to allow the boost.

anyway,  will keep searching out options for this idea.



--- Quote from: 78_starsky on December 14, 2019, 11:03:41 PM ---before i would put a 2.9 into a pinto I would put a 4.l in there. way stronger engine.  wasn't really what i was looking for. computer, EFI pressurized tank and the wiring hassles.

--- End quote ---
I hesitate to acknowledge that the 2.9 even exists. Those things are terrible IMO...the polar opposite of a 4.0.

The 4.0 OHV can be converted to a carb and distributor. I don't like the 4v intake design here , but it it's an option nonetheless.

I don't know how much hood clearance a V6 Pinto has, but a Roots blower would probably provide a much more useful power curve. Centrifugal blowers have a boost curve that goes up with RPM so they have to be geared such that they only make peak boost at redline. I liken them to a cross between turbos and roots blowers that has the power robbing of a blower and the soft low end of a turbo.


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