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centrifugal supercharger instead of turbo?

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If the 2.8 was pilled from the ranger it will have to have the pinto 2.8 oil pan and mounts , the trans that was pulled from the ranger probley had the hyd clutch which will not work , but if the bellhousing came from a mustang II and has a T-5 on it it will , as for the 2.9 it was not a bad engine if you took care of it , had a few over the yars , last one almost made 400K before the trans took a dump ,  My V-6 pinto has TBI from a 83 ford 5.0 with a ranger computor and a 2.9 crank to make it a small stroker , check on my photos here and you will see it , the 4.0 will fit and stock 2.8 mount will blot to it but the 2.8 oil pan will almost fit , one side will have to made to fit , a 2.9 is almost a bolt in but use the intake of a scorpio to clear the hood ,

My beef with the 2.9 is the four-cylinder power and V8 fuel economy. It's much like the Toyota 3VZ-E in that respect save for the Toyota's penchant for blowing head gaskets.

Wow that one must have been in bad shape to run like a four banger and zoop the gas doing so , stock is should have 145HP and around 170lbs of noodle bending tourqe ,  the only two problems with the 2.9 is the thin wall heads that crack when over heated and cam bearings that when they wear to muck you have loss of oil to the lifters , they start tapping at idle , but when the oil is changed and the cooling system is mantaned its a great engine , the 4.0 is a carry over , same rod and main bearings , block spacing and flywheel and bellhousing like the 2.8 , but can be fixed on the cheep , you should be getting good gas mileage with the 2.9 , I always got 24 to 26 most of the time , so there is a problem is you get les than that , my 4.0 ranger gets 20 to a max of 23 when you drive easy ,  mods to the 2.9 is to use 2.8 pistons (flat top) a comp cam #2 , a head clean up , and a chip for the computor , if you dont want the EFI Buton Power makes a three webber maifold for the engine , and yes you can drop in a 4.0 crank to stroke it to a 3.5 , you know how those Brits are across the pond , also check they did make a Cossworth 2.9 , same block but 24 valves and 205 HP ,


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