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cam degreeing

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24+ pounds of boost, roller cam, front mount, brown tops, 88 tbird ecu, ported polished, dual valve springs, looking for 8500 rpms, so my question is, what would be a good degree for the cam for alittle more power, advance or retard? oh and 110 race gas

Reaching for the stars are we?

With 24# boost and 8500 rpm you are in pro race territory, you need to be setting the cam on a dyno run jack. No one number is going to fit you, you need to run it and change it a few times. You better be running different injectors and a tune on the PCM as well.

roller cam as in ranger, i was just wanting 300, stinger performance says that should be doable on the stock 88 tbird stuff, also , what should my base fuel pressure be? the reason for the over kill is that im planning on being very rough on the car

Not on this planet or any other will a Ranger stock roller flow enough to turn 8500 and make good power.

AMC 49 is correct.

  I have "Stock 88 T-Bird Stuff" with a Ranger Roller and factory boost. Everything pretty much runs out of wind between 4,500 RPM - 5,000 RPM.  The "fun" of my Turbo Pinto is to drive away like a normal Pinto, shift and gradually press down on the accelerator. Where as a stock Pinto will have glacial acceleration - the Turbo Pinto is more like an avalanche. It exponentiation gathers speed, but like the avalanche it is quickly over. 


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