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cam degreeing

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well now, i cant have that, now i need a cam, sucks i need to pull the head back apart, now i think i should just go all in and make it solid lift, im glad you all have experence on this. i know i want to hit the 8500 range, cam sujestions?

Are you after 8500rpm for a reason or just because?

You don't need to twist it that hard to make 300hp. Expect the IHI turbo to have a short life in that pursuit, however.

i have a garrett 64. one of the hard to get one, it has a .48 hot side specialy machined out to the .64 with tight tolerences. around town and on our tracks down here all i need really is 1 and 2, and my gearing to second gear gets to 68 if i hit 6600 rpm, so now turbo should make it quicker, so i need the extra rpms to take alittle longer to keep from shifting, my buddy got mad because my pinto could beat his m3 on track, so he went turbo, so im going turbo and need to stay ahead, been looking at the boport 2.1

A "Garrett 64?" The "hard to get one?"


I'm left guessing that it's an oversized turbine wheel, in which case....what does the ".64" refer to and why is it stuffed into a little 0.48 A/R housing? What compressor is it attached to?

.63 ar, its the biggest that came on the 2.3s, it has a .48 exhaust side machined out to except the bigger wheel and has tighter tolerences, most of the .63 have cracked and are hard to find.


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