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"i cant afford to shift, if i shift with a 100 feet left to go before the turn, the shift will be in vain,"

Exactly how fast are you going at an expected 8,500 RPM that 100 ft. before a turn you wouldn't seriously be (and have been) on the brakes and down shifting?  Is this some type of road race course?  You mention "the turn," are you speaking of a specific turn or turns in general? The reason being every course has situations were things can not be ideal. Even race crews with multiple rear ratios and various ratio transmissions have to compromise for the greater good knowing there are specific situations that could be better.

There are people here who genuinely like to help others.  But it can get confounding when goals seem unobtainable (or at least sustainable) for purposes that don't seem to add up.  If you could be more explicit about what you are attempting to attain, I think the collective brains here can either help you get there, or point out that the goal is hampered with impracticality .

Yeah, he's not spinning it hard at all there. Almost like shortshifting. .............. ....

On the CBF website we used to follow this guy, no way is HE short shifting, that car is trying to come loose even in 4th gear and all wheel drive. Simply awesome for a four cylinder, we had trouble getting there with 720 inch big motors.

For a 8500+ cam and a big basket, go to and see what the dirt track boys use.


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