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Hi everyone! My name is Douglass Kemp. I have been a member for a while, but thought I was going to get out of Pintos due to my having a major stroke in 2009. I used to own 4 of them and a pair of M2s, but am now down to one Pinto and the 2s(I will post the 2s in the classifieds section eventually). The Pinto is a red '78 trunk model (sedan) with a stock 2.3/4spd/6.75, but I plan to change that to a 2.3t/T-5/8". I will document my work here so others can benefit from any issues I run across and figure out solutions to.

I'm glad to hear you've decided to keep your Pinto.  They are fun, aren't they?  My wife suffered a major stroke in 2007 which left her completely disabled, so I have an idea where you're coming from.  I wish you the very best of luck and will look forward to your posts about your project.
Dwayne :)

Scott Hamilton:
Hey Doug!

Nice to see you posting again... Always here to help-


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