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Just a FYI for your turbo search and not sure how important this is.  "Back in the day" turbos had two different styles of compressor shaft oil seals - carbon or centrifugal.  The carbon seal was used when the seal saw vacuum like a draw through carb.  The centrifugal was used when the seal saw no vacuum with the throttle down stream of the turbo - most applications nowadays.  Hopefully somebody with experience with this detail will chime in.
That kit looks great and in good shape.

That was a great price on that. I don't know if you got it for the opening bid but if you did it's a bargain.

Its not a big deal to get the correct type seal
for a draw thru.The VW guys will be the best bet as they
love the DT setups.

John,you should of said something about wanting to
turbo the 2.0.I had a bunch of 2.0 stuff and got rid of

John, my thoughts on your set up. First, that Turbo is a full T4 turbo that actually works very nicely on a 2.0 motor. If you replace it with something else, like a T3-T4 hybrid you will need to make or get an adapter to the exhaust manifold as the T4 flange and the T3 flange are different. Just something to think about when shopping turbos. If it were me, I might want to stick with a good T4 replacement.
That said, your system does not have a waste gate. I have seen people ( that have enough room ) make an adapter from the exhaust manifold ( T4 ) to a T3 turbo that incorporates a waste gate flange. I will try to describe it: At the Exhaust manifold you will have a T4 flange that bolts to the manifold. next going outboard of that you will have a piece of square ( or rectangle ) pipe that is just long enough to have a flange welded in the bottom to except a waste gate. Then ( moving outboard again) you will finally have a flange that will except the T3 turbo. This doesent work on a Pinto because it moves the turbo to far out and hits the fender well, but on a Tbucket you might have enough room. Hope that all makes sense.
Carburetors : That system was originally made for the holly 5200 carb but I used a Holly 500 CFM 2 barrel on one of my cars and it worked. I had to build an adapter plate for it but that was not hard. One of the bigger issues with this setup is that the crossover pipe tends to condensate the fuel mixture. Plus the carb is lower than the crossover so fuel mixture has to flow up/around etc. This leads to harder starts etc. The VWs have a good thing going as they have the carb as the highest piece of the componuts and everything flows down hill.
More later

Thanks for the info for sure... I would greatly appreciate some detailed pictures of your set up of the waste gate configuration that you mentioned.

Room is not an option as you mentioned.. I think it would look great having the carb and turbo away from the engine. WOW factor 8)

I have been searching and looking around the net for as many setups as possible..... Turbopinto72 yours setup is tops for sure.

Here is a picture of the 2.3 turbo installed in a T bucket. I like the look for sure.. I think the AK setup will be a more vintage and a cleaner look.


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