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Other companies that sold turbo kits in the US for the 2.0 Pinto were Accel, Car Corporation and Spearco. 

Spearco is 'still' in business but to what extent they deal in turbo systems I couldn't tell you.  I believe that the company is located in Calabasas, Ca.
George Spears is listed as the presiding officer of the company.
A lot of the business (intercoolers I believe) was sold to Turbonetics in Moorpark, Ca.  This was a long time ago.  it's possible, but not probable that they may have some insight on what happened to the old Pinto systems or perhaps you may be successful in contacting Mr Spears personally.

Well I just added another piece to the AK set up. What do you guys think?


--- Quote from: johnbigman2011 on January 31, 2013, 07:06:16 PM ---Well I just added another piece to the AK set up. What do you guys think?

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use a 2bbl carb


--- Quote from: johnbigman2011 on December 08, 2012, 01:44:34 AM ---Where would I find one of those spacers?? I want to give the drawthru a chance..

I'm not looking for tire smoke, boost... Just the look.

It is a warm day car for sure..

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Hi I came across your thread and thought I'd share some info.

I was working on replicating the A.K. Miller turbo setup I had on my '73 runabout back in the mid '70s - I am no longer doing this project so my parts are for sale. Below is a link to my flickr photoset 2.0 turbo parts. In there you will see I have a T4/T3 angle adaptor. It does not have a wastegate flange but I'm sure you could find someone to fab it up for you.

Back in the '70s we didn't have ready access to inter-coolers or wastegates like now so we used exhaust back pressure or inline bullet style spring actuated limiters to limit boost and water injection directly into the carb to cool the intake charge. Plus with a draw through application your carb size will help restrict boost as well as the turbo can only draw so much air through as the carb will allow.

I did have the block O-ringed, was running a Crane turbo grind cam with double spring values and teflon seals. For oil drainage we just popped a hole in the TOP (above the line where at rest the oil reaches) of the oil pan on the same side as the turbo and used a 1/2 inch angled brass plumbing fitting. Tapped into the oil sending outlet with an adapter to keep the oem idiot light, run a manual oil pressure gauge line and a line to an external oil filter on the firewall then into the turbo oil inlet. The extra filter help cool the oil a little before going into the turbo and added an extra layer of safety for the turbo shaft. Speaking of which always let your turbo cool down before turning off the engine otherwise you will cook the oil and shorten the life of the turbo.

Will consider reasonable offers on parts. PM is the best way to contact.

- BruceF (I've been a long time member of the forum and have sold parts on here before with very positive responses).

flickr set:

Also check out CBPerformance. com (vintage VW performance parts) for turbos that are Carbon sealed and ready to go:


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