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Aftermarket gauge set up

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I'm putting in the 1985 Merkur XR4ti 2.3 Turbo engine in my 1976 Ford Pinto wagon. I'm using Sunpro electrical gauges and they have their own sending units. The question is do I use the sending units that came with the gauges and use the wiring harness from the Merkur ? Or do I just use the sending units that are on the engine and run another set of wiring ?

You need to hook all the stock sensors up to the stock harness to feed the computer & run the aftermarket gauges separately using the sensors that came with the gauges. I hope I understood your question.

So in other words I need to either T them off or move the  after market sensors to an other location.

Mike Modified:
Coolant temp for the ECU is from the sensor on the upper inner portion of the intake manifold close to the injectors.  Coolant temp for the gauge (stock or aftermarket) is from the rear driver-side of  the head.  No conflicts there and the other (normal) gauge inputs wouldn't be used by the ECU.
No need to t anything.

Okay so I just remove the stock senders for the oil pressure and water temp gauge and add the ones that came with the kit correct ?


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