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I have 77 wagon that I have an 87 turbo coupe engine I will put in it. Right now I am transferring the compressor to existing engine because I got the can with no existing compressor or brackets. My issue is the existing lines have screw on fittings and the compressor has spring lock. What is the easiest way to adapt to the low mount more modern compressor?

Get a new hose made there are no adapters. Do you have all of the switches and sensors from the Thunderbird ? If you did not, good luck. The original A/C system in the Pinto was pretty simple however you have about 4 or 5 other sensors on the T-bird. I would get a hold of a Ford Thunderbird "Electrical, Vacuum and Troubleshootin g Guide " from Helm or before you do your swap. When the A/C system is on allot of other systems on the engine also have to work in sync or your engine will not run very well or at all. This is why this summer my Pinto will not have A/C.  Has anyone here just dropped in the Turbo engine and played plug and play with the A/C ? I do not think so. The engine swap is just the tip of the iceberg for getting the Pinto updated. You could try to piece something from a Mid 85 and up Ford Ranger or Mustang but you need to learn what's what and where these parts are and how they work with the EEC etc. The guide will show you they why and how these things work. Did you get any of the other parts from the T-Bird ? Receiver/drier, the other engine fan for the A/C  Condenser etc. not allot of the Pinto parts can back fit with the EEC IV controls.

i guess ill look into having hose made.  don't need all that wiring that i know of just need the low pressure switch to interrupt the power to the clutch from the pinto ac switch and it'll operate perfectly fine? I've wired many ac systems in cars and semi trucks like this. I'm not gonna change the dash control. unless I'm mistaken. any idea who makes hoses?

of course the electric fan relay needs to energize with the clutch also. is it a concern that the motor needs to idle up for the extra drag of the compressor or something?

you definitely want the motor to idle up or it will run like crap! and want to stall!!


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