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88 Turbo coupe going in a 79

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--- Quote from: Wittsend on October 20, 2013, 10:45:41 PM ---I used the '88 Turbo Coupe lines.  From the external pump (Ford F-150) I ran the factory line. I had to cut it in at least one spot.  They sell a special barbed repair connector where I did the cut.  Basically you put the plastic line in hot water then with all your might force it over the connector.  You would think without clamps it would leak or blow apart but 4 years later so far so good.


--- End quote ---
They definitely work but god do they zoop to put on. I had to do one in my Ranger when I snapped a line replacing my fuel filter, it cooled halfway through and I had to keep splashing hot water on and trying to force it further.

Use really hot water and push it on as quick as you can.


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