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Hi all, about half way through my swap...give or take.. here are some shots.  The engine, wiring, fuel pump and battery are in. Left to do is the exhaust , FMIC and plumbing.  Thanks to all the regular posters that have made this project possible.  I have been driving this Pinto for 5 winters with the stock 2000 and l love it. Have been building up the turbo on the side while limping the 2000 with a burnt valve.

74 PintoWagon:
Looks great..

those are some great pics I noticed your using ten holes, how do those work on the front ?   clearance ?

I ran them for a while when I was hacking up the donor..only had them on for a few weeks, but I think they rubbed a little in back when hard cornering.  The front seemed fine. 

Great, the 10 holes are 5" backspace, so I'm thinking 4" will be optimum. a little extra room will eliminate any rub, even with hard cornering.

I've got a question for you, when installing the harness out of the t-bird, am I right in my assumption that the only wires that need to be hooked up from the pinto wiring are, always on power, start and run power, and some good grounds.  car should run ?


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