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73 swap update

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I always thought the T-bird harness had 200+ wires. That looks like my Merkur harness. I think 15 wires run everything from what I've been told

On the wires, yes, Always Hot, Key On and Start is what I mated to the T bird harness.  There are a number of wires that went to the T bird dash that had to be traced and a few others that get dropped. I went through all 60 pins on the EEC-IV as well as fuel relay, intertia switch, diodes, fuseable links and the coil resistor.  Most of the advice I got was good, take the time to get the whole harness in one piece and tag everything. I have yet to fire the engine, but so far everything seems to go hot at the right time. Wish me luck.

I do wish you luck, I'm in the process of a turbo swap/build myself and look forward to more detailed updates, especially in the area of wiring...

Have more to do before road test, but fired her up today..I am PUMPED :-) 
Thank you contributors.. ..what an awesome project.

Road test went great.  Another turbo on the road.  Here is a shot of the engine. The VAM still needs firm mounted, but I plan to keep this layout.  Woot!


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