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73 swap update

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I'm totally new to the whole 4cylinder pinto game - but those mount brackets look way different then whats on my 75 pinto - I know they are from a mustang ii and they will still work?!?!

There may be different mounts that work. I built this 73 up 100% from these forums and am not much of a Pinto expert. The treads said cut the stock mounts off and weld in MII mounts, so I hunted them down and welded them in.  They do seem to fit just fine.

How thick is the metal they are stamped from?

They don't look that difficult to fabricate.

Hi I found some frame mounts from a mustang 2 v6  but the engine mounts looked different where can I score some

Since it's been some time now, I was wondering, have you had any cracking problems with the stainless turbo manifold?

The turbo I want to use needs a center mount manifold for rear clearance. I was thinking about getting one of the cheap stainless ones and bracing it from above with a heim joint to help it live for a while.


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