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73 swap update

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Scott Hamilton:
Very Nice!!

74 PintoWagon:
Looks great. 8)

Your installation is very clean.  It is nice to see the creativity you used on the install.  I did the '88 TC engine/'73 wagon and left it basically stock.  Mega wires in the '88 harness. Lots of close clearance issues too.

Enjoy (but be safe).


great job on the install. looks like all the time was well worth it!


I'm in the process of putting in a 87 Turbo 2.3 in my 73 Pinto.

Need some advise fir the engine mounts, both steel which bolt to the block, engine mounts and frame mounts.

Do you have pictures of these and where I can get them these items?

Any help would be gratefull,

Thanks, Jim


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