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  Ok, got the motor bolted in, trans mount modified and in, now I know the shifter sits ahead an inch or so but does it also sit to the side a bit?
Or is this just more of my luck ? I know the trans mount is straight where its modified so that cant be a problem.

Here are a few pictures of my T-5 as it is positioned to the transmission tunnel.  You will have to "look through" the steering wheel in one of the images to see the position. Hope it helps.  I don't recall the shifter being offset significantly to one side.  That said cars have offset purposely designed into them to cause the needle bearings need to rotate in the U-Joint.  Otherwise, the load would always be in the same spot on the needles causing them to flatten.  I don't know if this is the case with your setup, but should be considered.

FYI, the shifter was cut down and re-angled. It is attached to a plate that slightly elevates and moves it rearward.  The shifter boot cover is from a '88 Turbo Coupe.


I read on a Merkur site that you can use the Camaro T5 tailhousing and shift fork/rail/side cover assembly to move the shifter back about an inch, pretty close to inline with the stock 4 speed and the T9. Should avoid having to cut the hole bigger. I'm going to be doing this to my car, I'll post picture when I finally get it done.

not sure about camaro but s10 is a for sure, we put one in a mustang II years ago this way.

S10 t5 moves the shifter far forward.  I have pics of mine on my phone but don't know how to post. You chan check my 41 ford build on my photobucket page to see the shifter location. is my email and name through photobucket. There is a good pic of it during mock up. I think mustangs have it the farthest back on the t5. Although, a buddy just swapped s10 fork and tail housings onto a Camaro t5 so I can see where the camaros put the shifter. I think it's at an angle and kinda in the middle.


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