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2.3 Turbo T-5 Shifter Question

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At an angle? Hmm. I'll have to compare both side to side when I get my hands on a Camaro tranny. The Camaro is definitely about an inch further back than the Mustang, I was looking at one over at my buddy's place.

the camaro is cocked to one side because of the mount and bell housing not the tail,, Timmy

I got a Camaro NWC T5 (my T-Bird T5 is WC but the tailhousings are compatible) and did more research, bellhousing is angled 18 degrees. As is the shift lever and transmission mount. I was planning to make a custom crossmember out of angle iron and buy a short throw shifter anyways, so that doesn't matter to me.

Speedometer gears are not compatible whatsoever. The gear on the output shaft is in a completely different spot, teeth spiral in the opposite direction, and the receiver is below instead of above (accounting for the opposite teeth). GM people shim it to move the gear (S10 and Camaro have different locations on the shaft but same teeth), but the splines are different Ford to GM (28 vs 27) so you can't slide the Camaro gear onto the Ford output shaft. I'm almost positive you can swap in the Camaro output shaft if both transmissions are the same (WC vs NWC) and there are GM splined yokes available that fit the same 1310 u-joints.

I'm plugging the speedo cable hole off with a 7/8" freeze plug (already measured it with calipers) and using an electronic speedometer from the junkyard (probably my Ranger one actually after putting a junkyard Explorer cluster in my Ranger to get a tach) with the speed sensor in my 8.8" Explorer rear.

Core Shifters has a straight up and down short throw base for $94 with Hurst internals that I'm going to get along with a Hurst lever and knob. It's under $200 total including the Hurst bezel to fit my early Fox Mustang center console. The stock Camaro shift lever is 1pc unlike the Ford T5. You could heat it up with a torch and bend it straight if you want to be cheap.

The actual shifter base is straight when used with a non-angled bellhousing. The mount is at an 18" angle but it still fits the Ford T5 fine. Just be prepared to custom fab a crossmember.

The Camaro T5 shifter does sit about 1" further back than the Ford one, should be pretty much a perfect fit with the stock Pinto shifter hole.  I think it MIGHT be small enough to swap the shift base from inside the car but I'm not sure yet. I'll post more details when I actually put it in the car, I haven't gotten that far yet. Focusing on the rear end first, then trans soon.


Camaro on right in 1st pic

Camaro on left in 2nd pic.

The Camaro tailhousing looks longer, but the longer seal in the Ford housing makes them pretty much the same length. Yoke will still seal no problem, same diameter seal on both. It sealed against my Aerostar and T-Bird driveshaft yokes.

I know I found it one time.....just had a quick look & it didn't pop out at me.
Hurst makes a shifter handle , bolt on replacement , to move the handle back.


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