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2.3 Turbo nearly as heavy as a V8?? And other questions.

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--- Quote from: OhSix9 on September 06, 2013, 12:45:59 AM ---Also if your car currently happens to be a stick start looking for a t9 tranny out of a merkur, its basically the pinto hummer with overdrive tacked on so it will bolt to the original 2.0 4 speed bell and also neatly falls in the hole

--- End quote ---

Thank you for that tip. The car runs very well right now, probably the strongest "stock" more or less engine I've ever had in it. An extra cog in the gearbox would be very welcome.

And yes, it's a four speed. The bummer is, it's basically tached out at 75 or so mph; a fifth gear would make it a surprisingly good freeway car (except for all the wind noise, rattles, creaks, and lack of flow through ventilation, that is).


The 5.0(302 W) motor weights ~500 lbs stock(iron heads), 450 or so with aluminum heads. The 2.3 weights 325 lbs, stock, with turbo figure about 360 or so.
The Rover 4.0/4.6 weights 315, a nice little V8 if cared for(it's a 60s era Buick 215 all grown up). My current interest is the Mercruiser 3.7L 4 cylinder(224 cubic inches, stock), it is a boat motor that is basically half of a 460 Ford V8, it uses the heads, pistons rods, etc. out of that engine in an aluminum block and can be offset ground on the crank(using Chevy Big Block rods)to a 260 cubic inch 4 cylinder(250 hp/ 275 torque naturally aspirated, who knows how much with a turbo), did I mention that Boss 429 heads bolt right on?

Grumpy 8)

Well a few posts above I conceded that the 2.3 (Turbo) must in fact weight 450 pounds based on the "Team.Net" website.

However, I have done some investigating and found the following (below) at "The Ranger Station."  Some guy took the (2.3) parts and weighed them. There is a lot there, so I'll condense it (but the full parts list is further down).

1.  Short block (w/ pan, flywheel, water pump + dist)-212#
2.  Head (w/ manifolds but no cam and followers)-85#" (297# cumulative)
3.  Cam and roller followers----------5# (303# cumulative)
4.  Steel rocker cover-----------------2.7#  (306# cumulative)
5.  Turbo (Garrett T03)----------------25# (331# cumulative)

OK, so, maybe the throttle body, oil cooler and a few other things are missing.  But they sure don't add up to 129 pound to get to 450 pounds.  And note that this includes the flywheel too (which isn't light).   So, judging by these number the 2.3 is right about 100 pounds lighter than the 5.0.  That is also near what "Grumpy" stated. And, as I look back it is right in the middle of my 75-125 pound estimate.

Frankly though, I'd still like to see both engines equally equipped, sitting on a scale.


Engine and component weights, all are +/- a pound or so. (bathroom scale)

Bare 2.3 large journal crank-----33#

Bare 2.5 crank---------------------40#

Bare 2.3 turbo block (w/ caps)--105#

Set of 4 2.5 pistons and rods-----10#

Cam and roller followers----------5#

Manual tranny flywheel-----------18#

Auto tranny flexplate---------------3#

Short block (w/ pan, flywheel, water pump + dist)-212#

Head (w/ manifolds but no cam and followers)-85#

Bare head---------------------------54#

Steel rocker cover-----------------2.7#

Turbo (Garrett T03)----------------25#

2.5 piston w/ rings, wristpin and small rod end-1.56#

2.5 large rod end w/o bearing shells--------------.9375#

2.3 N/A piston w/ wristpin and small rod end---1.9375#

2.3 large rod end w/ bearing shells---------------1.1688#

2.3 N/A standard bore piston------------------------1.15#

2.3 N/A wrist pin--------------------------------------.32#

2.3 N/A rod-------------------------------------------1.40#

2.3 large journal bearing shells----------------------.09#/pr

Oh, and the Mercruiser accepts 302 flywheels and clutches and bolts to a small block Chevy bellhousing. Altogether, with an aluminum head the Merc weights the same as the Rover, about 315 lbs. Now if I can find someone with half a set of Boss 429 heads I can build my Sawed Off Shotgun(TM) motor.

The weights I'm talking about are the complete engine block with flywheel and harmonic balancer. The engine dress(alternators, carbs, etc)are basically the same from one engine to another and add the same weight to both engines.

This is a Mercruiser with an A4 Boss Pro Stock head.

Grumpy 8)

  I noticed things like the large chunk of metal they used for the upper alternator bracket is heavy enough to be a deadly weapon.
Could this and other accessories be whats adding to the weight problem of the 2.3?
Trying to save a few pounds atm by making an aluminium one work. but the stock pinto one sits so low ( no power steering ) its nicer for clearance.


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