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2.3 Turbo nearly as heavy as a V8?? And other questions.

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If you are interested in the Mercruiser, here is a site that covers it pretty well...

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--- Quote from: 74 PintoWagon on September 23, 2013, 10:23:54 AM ---Yeah I saw that too, could be with accessories?, did they ever come with aluminum head?.

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Yes...and...I have a birthday coming up, guys!!! :)


--- Quote from: Grumpy on September 11, 2013, 11:00:02 PM ---Oh, and the Mercruiser accepts 302 flywheels and clutches and bolts to a small block Chevy bellhousing. Altogether, with an aluminum head the Merc weights the same as the Rover, about 315 lbs. Now if I can find someone with half a set of Boss 429 heads I can build my Sawed Off Shotgun(TM) motor.

The weights I'm talking about are the complete engine block with flywheel and harmonic balancer. The engine dress(alternators, carbs, etc)are basically the same from one engine to another and add the same weight to both engines.

This is a Mercruiser with an A4 Boss Pro Stock head.

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hey grumpy, if you are still looking for boss 429 type heads, check this link out;


This is the one I want. John Kaase's best Boss 429 head. Those intake ports almost swallow a tennis ball!

With these valve covers. But the tag should read "Sawed-Off Shotgun".

The main problem is cams, the best one(the 488)only has .497 valve lift and 224 degrees on 112 centers, not a performance grind, more a low end torque cam. Big blocks(which this is half of)like lots of lift and duration. The standard 4 barrel on the 488 was a 750cfm Quadrajet with vacuum secondaries. Stock it was rated at 190hp continuous at 4800rpm.

Grumpy 8)

if you are looking for a light weight 2.3 you might consider the Ford 2.3 duratec engine, it's all aluminum and came in ford rangers and the focus....


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