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2.3 to C4 bellhousing


new guy here.  Hoping for some info.

im looking at possibly building a nice 2.3, and I would like to put a C4 behind it.  I've read that the bellhousings are hard to find.  How hard are they to find, and what the going cost?


We were just straightening this out on another thread. If you 2.3 block is drilled for both early & late bellhousings then a 2.0 bellhousing with stepped dowel pins or the 2.3 version will work. I've seen them on ebay for $125 & up so they aren't dirt cheap but you only need to shell out the money once.

thanks for the response...

im lookin at getting a 73 wagon w/ a 2.0.  Any way to tell if the block would work?  its an auto...

 You might find these helpful.


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