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2.3 carbed turbo blow thru 2bbl

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Doing a draw thru as we speak.
780 Holley/T64/water inj/2.3T
with 3.5 exhaust,C4/brake,8.8 with
4.10s and 8.5x26 MTs.

A friend has a 2280 VW drawthru
making 512/4??.

Draw through with water, meth or water/meth injection, way easier, will make the same or close power, no intercooler piping, no intercooler.  way easier for a carb setup....

might run like crap until it's thoroughly warmed up. you have to watch out for excessive intake charge temps.

I'm running a 2.3T from a 79 Mercury 10PSI, MSD6BTM ignition, gonna bump it up to 15PSI here shortly when we swap it to a manual trans and an electric fuel pump.  Only issues I have now are fuel starvation

Back in the dark ages I was running a draw thru on a 2 liter originally ising the 5200 rejetted with h2o injection & 20psi boost, stock fuel pump. Issues I ran into were a prolonged warm up to normal running temp due to the carb being located so far from the stock intake & a bit of bad fuel distribution due to the stock intake as well as a hot intake charge at high boost & under load which caused detonation despite h2o inj & carb jetting.  I got hold of an equal length runner intake (a ford europe item) & stuck on a rejetter fomoco 2bbl from a ford truck. Was able to eliminate the occassional melted piston (welln OK, it was more than occassional!) As well as extend the ability to run full throttle under load with over 20lbs boost but still couldn't use 4th at the strip because of detonation. Never had any head gasket problems just needed better fuel distribution. Car was running low 13's at the time (1972-73) with 185-13's thru the muffler & never using 4th gear. It got good mileage too! I like the draw thru setup but FI is the way to goIMHO


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